Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lizzie's project

My daughter, Lizzie, is a knitter also. She has made scarves, hats, and fingerless gloves, a clutch, which she designed herself, and other various and sundry things. Right now she is working on a new project and I wanted to share it with you. It is fromRebecca magazine No.33.

Here are some pictures of her work so far:

A close-up:
Here is a picture of the hoodie in the magazine. It is Lizzie's first lace project. Pretty good, yes?

She is using the Lion Brand Cotton Ease, which seems to be really nice yarn. I am anxious to see how it washes. She bought four skeins to make the medium size hoodie in Taupe. Great summer project for her. Of course, that is, when she is not working on her gloves, her afghan, etc, etc, etc......(like mother like daughter...)

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tina said...

Well I must first send congratulations to your daughter---- a wonderful job and my heartiest congratulations!

Secondly I admire you for raising children who knit, mine have decided that they can lay aside their needles in favor of other pursuits because MOM will knit it! Sigh. How did I go wrong????

Lastly, I send blessings back for your EZ shawl, as we knit together we will be sending good juju to each other and our group members. Off we go!