Saturday, June 2, 2007

Friday Night Knit Group

Last night my daughter, Corinne and I went to a knit group at Ben Franklin. What fun it was.

Corinne and I got there a few minutes early so she could buy some yarn to make a scarf. When we got there, Milly was at the fabric counter with Lynzi. They are great girls who work there and I always get lots of knitting encouragement from Milly when I am there to buy yarn (or just touch and feel yarn and plan projects). They began to set up tables and chairs, and before we knew it, there were three other women there with their knitting bags!

Before long, we were comfortably sitting around the table, knitting away with these great girls as if we'd been part of their group since forever! What a nice welcome we had.

Jane, Leslie (Jane's daughter), and Nancy are a lot of fun. Leslie isn't a knitter, preferring her cross-stitch and other needlework, but she described herself as an "honorary member" of the group. Her projects are so beautiful. Jane makes lots and lots of wonderful felted bags and was happily I-cording away on one of them, and Nancy was knitting a very pretty sweater and already had most of it done by the looks of it. She is just getting back into knitting, she said.

All in all, it was a great time and Milly was a perfect hostess. Another nice customer took our picture.

Here is a look at the dishrag....

Haven't really done a lot on it today. Mostly did car-knitting today. Gotta remember to put the camera in the car so I can show you the socks I'm working on there.

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