Monday, June 4, 2007

Steering Wheels and Wings

Corinne came in yesterday just as I was finishing the dishrag.

She was complaining about her steering wheel being too hot (her car doesn't have air conditioning) and burning her hands. We found a pattern here. Knitty is so wonderful for out-of-the-ordinary patterns. I remember seeing this one a long time ago. So far, it has been fun although I must say that I am used to using charts now and the written instructions seem weird to me. We went out after finding the pattern and bought the Cascade Fixation yarn in Color #9939. I have never knit using it before and I'll tell you it is a strange feeling. This yarn is made of 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic. So it stretches as you knit!

Ok, change of subject to something serious that happened today. I had a visit. Someone with wings was trying to fly through my back door and it wasn't Tinkerbell, ok? This was a moth. Not just a moth, in fact. It was the Queen Mother of all moths, a huge gi-normous moth with destruction on her mind. I could see plainly that she was in a "seeking wool" mode and was set on finding and destroying my stash. She was practically drooling, in fact, having the fresh scent of my Shetland wool shawl wafting out the door. Goading her on. Yes. I said goading.

Anyway, Corinne saw her and shut the screen door. Just in time, too. She landed with her landing gear on the door, looking in at us and trying to flap her fuzzy wings innocently (I think she was hoping to convince us that she was a butterfly). We froze, knowing that moths are creeped out by this (not exactly a scientific method, granted) and in a minute she flew away. But she will no doubt be back, hoping to catch us off guard. Well. I'll be ready.

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