Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yarn Closet

I have been organizing today. Last night Danny, Danielle and I went to Ikea. I found a Yarn Closet there. Well, actually it is a clothes closet for people who don't want or need to spend a fortune on an armoire. It was only $30 and thanks to Danielle, my "Genius Closet Constructor", who brilliantly figured out the picture instructions that came with the Yarn Closet (stop looking at me like that...I knit...I don't figure out how to put complicated closets together...), I now have a

Yarn Closet!!!!!

One small problem with the YC. It gathers my stash into one very visible place. No more yarn under the bed, behind the desk, in the bookshelf, hidden in project totes, in the shoeboxes, behind that old coat, in the drawers, beside the bed, underneath the chair...I could see the look on Danny's face revealing his thoughts..."why do we go to so many yarn shops if she has all this yarn already?" Well, that's simple. You know perfectly well that most of it was bought on sale at a spectacular price and for a very good reason with specific patterns in mind, for a really really really good cause and the rest of it was leftover from other projects. *taking a breath...*


*changing the subject...quickly*

Having the YC inspired me to wind up all the yarn that I had in my leftover pile and organize it. I went from this:
To this:
Now it is all safely stashed in the YC, waiting to know it's purpose in life. And as we all know, the possiblilities are endless.

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