Thursday, November 1, 2007

"You Wouldn't..." (an off topic blog)

Think of all the ways you can end a sentence that begins with "You wouldn't".
  1. You wouldn't want to have the flu.

  2. You wouldn't want to be caught in a tornado.

  3. You wouldn't want to be carried off by flying monkeys.

  4. You wouldn't want the airline to lose your luggage.

  5. You wouldn't want your Weight Watcher leader to see you having that extra piece of strawberry cheesecake...after all your points for the day are used up.

Well, you get the drift. I am remembering today that even though most sentences that begin this way end up negatively, that is not always the case. My own husband "proposed" to me using those very words. "You wouldn't.......want to marry me, would you?" Thing is, I did want to marry him, but he was so very certain that I was too good, too beautiful, too wonderful, too va-va-voom, too smart, too fun and on and ever want to marry him. Confident guy, yes?

To make a long story shorter, we were married. Twenty-two years ago today. And I can't imagine being happier with anyone else. I have never been caught in a tornado, or carried off by flying monkeys. The airline always has come through in the end, my Weight Watcher leader is nowhere in sight when I'm scarfing down cheesecake, and the flu...well...can't win them all. But I will always appreciate the two little words that no one really wants to hear. "You wouldn't". Those words were the beginning of a beautiful future together. And we are still living happily ever after.

Happy Anniversary, Pinky.

Love, Pinkie

Comment...I think that the Westinghouse refrigerator says it all. Some folks just have flowers to decorate the church. We used appliances.
Married in the Special Education Classroom at our church, next to the fridge. Real ambiance.
He looks kind of worried here, don't you think? And this was before he knew how much of a yarn budget we would be needing someday!