Thursday, June 21, 2007

Icy Blue...

Picture this: Yes. I am brave, aren't I? Beginning the Icy Blue Snake...I mean Shell.

A g a i n.

This has been my only knitting today besides a bunch of swatches. Last night I went to Milly's knit class at Ben Franklin. She helped me with my gauge. Evidently, I knit way too loosely. My needles are always a size or two or three smaller than the pattern or yarn band call for and it is keeping me from being an effective knitter. It was definitely making this particular pattern difficult. So, there I sat for 3 solid hours, knitting in a very unusual (for me) way. It was 3 hand cramping hours, but I felt that I could do better afterwards. I went back to my own style of holding the yarn today, but have modified it to better achieve the fabric I need. I really appreciated the helpful hints. For one thing, I was casting on loosely. Too loosely. Didn't know that. I learned to knit from reading books. Some great books, some good books, and unfortunately, some not so good books. But it was helpful to have a real live person working with me a bit. And here is a real plus: Milly is so fun and patient. Really makes learning from her easier.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, I did get to see your site finally. Leslie and I enjoyed it very much and think you have a cute way of expressing your love and life of knitting. I loved the picture of all of us and wondered if you could make me a copy so I could put it in my scrapbook. I can now keep up with all you are doing on your blog. Thanks for sharing. Jane