Friday, June 1, 2007

New weekend project

I started this little project today, it is a dishrag (my best friend, Lisa, would call it a "cup-towel"). I'm making it due to the inspiration I found in Mason-Dixon Knitting.

It is a pattern found on the ball band of the Peaches and Creme yarn. I am using Sugar and Cream which I find more readily at the stores I buy my yarn. Sure is a cute pattern, though. You can print the pattern at the Peaches and Creamwebsite.

Did some c-k today. That is to say: car-knitting. No...I wasn't driving at the same time. I was simply waiting outside the library while my daughter was checking out some books. Fully parked. Now that is real "parking" if you ask me. Just a shady spot and a half an hour of knitting heaven.


suzenbeez said...

I just went to the Peaches and Creme website and grabbed this pattern. A little more challenging than those I knit now. Love your blog! Susie... :)

Renée said...

Thanks! I still love knitting dishcloths. Might be an idea to start a few soon, mine are getting old.