Sunday, July 1, 2007

Camera, Action!

Wow! I was having what I thought were major camera problems, (and what are posts without a few pictures) and my hubby just figured it out for me. What was the trouble? The thingy wasn't plugged in to the do-hicky. Yeah. Anyway, the camera is back to it's old self, so here is a shot of my newest attempt at cleverness:

Blogging is so much fun and I love it, but I have to educate myself about digital photography and computers. I am getting tired of having to ask Danny and the girls when I have trouble!

This is the very beginnings of a Pi Shawl. The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman's brilliant book "Knitter's Almanac". I joined a Yahoo group that Kelley Petkun has begun this month. She has the Podcast on Knit Picks website and I love it. You can click on Knit Picks in my newly begun shopping list (to the right of my posts) and find info there on joining the group should you be interested. We will be going through the Almanac, which EZ brilliantly wrote so that each chapter has a project for a month. This month, is of course, the Pi Shawl, a pattern she designed based on Pi, a mathematical concept that I can't even begin to understand. However, it looks as if the pattern is pretty straightforward and I am glad to have the help of many knitters in the group should I need it!

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