Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Edge

Hello...seems like forever since my last post. Didn't mean for that to happen. Sometimes my knitting is going slowly, and I feel like I don't have much to talk about. Kind of some of those quiet days, you know?

Actually, it's been sort of a quiet weekend, but I don't mind at all. We had some cloudy days here in the Puget Sound area, and a bit of rain, but today the sun is out and glorious. So Danny and I went and washed the car (got "the works"!), shopped for some pants (didn't find any) and had some lunch. Just a nice day. The rest of the time this weekend and this afternoon has been spent trying to figure out and execute the border for Pi.

I was going to use the Cockleshell edging found in the book Knitting Around, by EZ. So, I posted questions I had about doing a knitted on border, etc. on the wonderful yahoo group that I've mentioned before..."Elizabeth's Year". Lots of helpful answers. Then, sitting down to test the pattern, I could NOT make it come out right. Something about the final row. It seems to stop in the middle of the row and leave you hanging. I checked Schoolhouse Press for corrections and couldn't find any to do with the Cockleshell Edging. Since I had been surfing online for edging patterns I had printed one out that I had found at It is called Kilgorie edge and is very pretty. Looks very much like the Cockleshell, but the instructions were complete. (perhaps the instructions in the book were complete, too, but I couldn't figure them out) Anyway, here is a picture of my edging so far:

And another: Kind of blurry at the edges, but you can see what I'm after, right? I've completed 6 repeats...only 30 to go...sigh.


Jenni said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW...I can't wait to see it finished! This has been so much fun!! I've loved knitting Pi along with everyone in the group!

tina said...

It is SPECTACULAR. Simply gorgeous, I LOVE IT! Can't wait to see it blocked and off the needles, you are sure to have knitters following you everywhere when you wear your Pi!