Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just a quick note

Just popping in to say:

This is why I love love love Interweave Knits. Get a look at their preview of the fall issue. I'm drooling over those beautiful patterns. Ok, now back to my knitting! Carry on!


tina said...

I'm carrying on already! Or in EZ vernacular KNIT ON! :) Working on the Gull border, the MS3 is largely ignored at the moment.

Tomorrow is my day off (yay) and I'm planning a trip to Borders to pick up that new issue, can't wait!

Jenni said...

I saw that too! It makes me all excited to get the new issue.

Luni said...

I can NOT stop looking at the project and yarn requirements, and planning!

Renée said...

Hey everyone! Sorry for the confusion, but the Interweave Knits folks like to tease us for a while. This wonderful issue isn't on the newsstands until August 14th!