Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Well, I never said that I'm not crazy

Well, these pictures aren't very good. Maybe something IS wrong with the camera. But anyway, you all are going to think I am crazy. "Why is this girl always re-starting her knitting projects?" Well, it is because I am not satistfied with knitting something that really isn't what I had in mind. So, here I go with the poor little Pi Shawl. Here are the beginnings of the "new" Pi Shawl. Don't worry. I didn't frog the other one. It is still on the needles, and I will finish it. But I realized that I needed to use a thicker yarn and do the plain shawl instead of the lacy one in order to keep up with the KAL since I have company this month for two weeks. So much easier. Remember, there is still the blue plain tee-shirt style sweater, and the socks, and the other socks, and the little matter of *******Icy Blue Shell*******


Jenni said...

They both look great!

tina said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, you are so brave, so brave, so brave. With the final increase of the Pi on my circs I can't even imagine another Pi in the wings, it would cause me to run screaming from the room never to return!!! And, it is lovely indeed!

You are not a 'process' knitter now are you??? :)