Monday, July 16, 2007

Pi in the Car

I'm back! I've had so much going on lately, and had loaned my camera to someone, so didn't get any posting done. So today I took some pics and will show you some of my day.

It began when I got up early and drove over to the Peninsula with hubby. He was in a golf tournament in Gig Harbor today. I dropped him off, then went in search of yarn. Of course, I drove to Bainbridge Island and got to spend quality time at my favorite NOLYS (not so local yarn store)

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is such an inspiration to me. Just bought two skeins of laceweight, since I'm trying to budget my yarn purchases, but it is beautiful. I will take a picture of it tomorrow, since I couldn't get the color right today. Ok, the next thing was lots of ck-ing (car-knitting) while waiting at the golf course for Danny

Yep, that's me, parked in a handicapped spot. Don't worry...I qualify. Had me some foot trouble that turned into a real mess last year. I'm doing quite well now, though. But it is still easier to use this.
Doctor and state approved, of course. Here is a look at Pi.
The color here is off...looks too red. It's really a beautiful brown, but I really am bad at using this camera.
Here it is looking like a deflated raisin. The circular needles are unflattering to a project in the works, but oh, how I love them!
Then, on the way home we pulled over when we spotted our neighbor here. He lives in the canyon about 4 miles from my house. He was out on the branch looking over the valley...probably thinking about what he'd like for dinner, making wonderful eagle sounds. Just looking at him makes me feel very patriotic!


tina said...

The Pi is looking great, not raisin like at all! (it takes a raisin Pi to appreciate a raisin Pi)!

Isn't Amy Singer going to be at Churchmouse soon?? Are you planning to go?????

Renée said...

Yes, I did see something there about Amy Singer. I'll probably miss it, but will try to get to Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood the end of this month when Debbie Macomber will be there!