Saturday, July 21, 2007

7/21/07.....12:01 a.m.

Well, it is time for a bit of off topic chatter. My youngest daughter, Lizzie, is an avid Harry Potter fan. So, today is a significant day to her, being the release of the final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I got the brilliant idea for her and I to show up at Walmart at midnight in order to witness the spectacle of such a release and to purchase this last book of the series in record time. On the way to Walmart, we passed by the Borders people, standing in a mile long line...WOW! It takes such dedication to be a Potter fan. I could only muster that up for say,The Yarn Harlot. Anyway...

O, how smuggly I felt as I drove by, grinning and feeling Oh! So superior to the poor Borders people. Nothing against Borders. I myself get LOTS of books there and have a discount card thingy. But not wanting to stand in much of a line, I thought Walmart was probably a better bet. We drove up to the Walmart and got a good parking place right in front. So far so good. Then we WALKED IN THE DOOR. People seemed to be congregating in the middle of the store. Kids with lightening bolts drawn on their foreheads. Little kids in their jammies. Big kids in their jammies. Adults with "Snape will Betray" or "Snape is loyal" stickers on their jackets. This was pandemonium, Walmart style.
I exaggerate. Actually, there it only looked at first glance like pandemonium. In reality, there were a lot of people, for sure. But they were all being good and having a GREAT time! The Walmart people were handing out jelly bracelets that had Gryffindor on them. Supposedly this qualified you to buy a book. Here is some shots of the line we were in.

Yes, we were about in the middle of the line as I took this picture at almost midnight. Back in the electronics dept.
These were the poor folks behind us in the line that stretched back to the far corner of the store and more.

Well, finally the big moment came, that stroke of midnight plus one. Nothing. A guy ahead of us yelled out, "Hey it's midnight! Give us the books!" Everyone else was quiet. Then, slowly, the line began to move. My bad foot gave a sigh of relief. After several more minutes, we were handed our book. The girl in the shower cap was handing out cake. They also had posters and the rest of the jelly for each "house.Then it was into yet another line, to get somehow to the checkout. Ok--I have to say here that it would have really been nice of them to open up a few more checkstands. And the folks that were in line with full carts of groceries, etc? I think they may have thought that through a bit more...but all in all, it went well. Here is Lizzie, happy to have her book and a poster for Danielle. The guy with the tattoo and the lady with the basket seems happy, too.All bagged and paid for by 12:40. Not bad, all things considered. And yes, on the way home we drove back by Borders. All the folks coming out of there looked just as happy as us. All's well that ends well. The only thing I would have done different? Hello! Brought my knitting into Walmart with me! I stood there in that line without so much as a sock to keep me busy! What was I thinking????

Speaking of socks, here is a peek at the Retro Rib Socks from Favorite Socks. It's slow going since I have spent most of my knitting time with The Pi. (I always think of National Velvet when I say that). But this is my new car knitting project, so I will be working on them more. And yes, (hanging my head) they are blue. I know. It is a sickness. Blue yarn seems to attract me like a bug to a porch light.


Jenni said...

It's okay...everything I knit seems to be green or pink.

I am glad you were able to get your book in not too long. I wonder how it will turn out. I am sure some people have already finished it!

tina said...

Well what a good mom you are!!!! Extra points for sure! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the retro rib sock, it is really great. As far as the color, honey you knit whatever you like!