Saturday, July 7, 2007

Did you know that fish like Pi?

This is Van Gogh.

He is a Betta and he loves me. I named him Van Gogh because of his beautiful color. He reminds me of the colors of Starry Night. He is curious about knitting (as most fish SHOULD be). Van Gogh likes the Pi Shawl.

I sat there in my chair next to Van Gogh today watching Pride and Prejudice (A&E version-all 6 hours) and knitted a total of 8,064 stitches on the Pi Shawl. That's right. That is what I call dedication. I am dedicated to the Pi Shawl AND Colin Firth!
(As most knitters SHOULD be!)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am Collin Firth and I am smitten with Renee, after all if she is with me then I should be with her. However I understand she has a wonderful husband which makes my smitteness impossible to fulfill.

flydano said...

Renee, missed you at FNK, wanted to let you know that we are meeting at 6pm instead of 7pm. One more hour of friends, fun and of course knitting.

Renée said...

Thanks Nancy! I plan to be back this week!