Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hamster Pi

Well, Pi is shaping up, although you'd never guess it from this picture. It still looks like a potato sack on the circ's. But I am on row 41 of Gull stitch, having done 10 repeats.
This is all the yarn I have left. After several more rounds of Gull stitch, I will use the remaining yarn to work a simple knitted on border instead of "casting off" the usual way. of sweaters and such. And surprise! Here is Corinne's pet hamster, Leela. She is exploring Pi. She liked going in the sack and poking her nose through the holes in the lace stitches.
Love...love...love...love...love! What do I love??? Jamieson's shetland wool! That's right! I had this in my stash and when I wanted a different yarn from the laceweight I had started with, I knew that my 11 skeins of this wonderful wool that was parked in my stash was going to be perfect for Pi, and it is.
Today is the perfect day for cleaning house as I will be soon going back to work. I have had lots of time "off" because of having a foot surgery that created a DVT(Deep Vein Thrombosis or huge deep blood clot), that created a pumonary embolism. All that said, it meant a number of surgeries and lots of recovery time (1 1/2 years!) and also lots of prayer. The foot trouble is still there, but finally I am able to walk around fairly normally! Yaaay! Anyway, going back to work is going to seriously cut into my knitting time, but I plan to carry it with me and work on my projects on my breaks and lunchtime as much as I can.


Jenni said...

Okay...now I want to knit a shawl from Jaminson's wool. The hamster is adorable, and doesn't it look like a perfect home for a hamster. Make sure he doesn't chew though. I have to keep my rabbit away from Pi. She loves to rip holes in fabric and she can do it quick too!

tina said...

It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it and you inspire me girl! I only have 1.5 repeats of Gull done so knowing that you have forged ahead of me keeps me going! I'll be watching how you handle the cast off as well so don't hold back! :)

Gerbilgal said...

Love your hamster. He is adorable!