Sunday, July 4, 2010

Four for the Fourth!

This was on the door at the first Knit Shop I ever went to in Phoenix yesterday. Not exactly a successful shopping experience! Danny planned a trip to Scottsdale for us, mapping out 4 yarn shops for me to browse in. Four Knit shops is a perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July! Isn't he a sweetheart?

The second shop was open, but closing! It is called Knitting In Scottsdale, and they are going out of business! So I snagged (sorry for using the "s" word) some great deals there, including this pretty yarn for Corinne to make a scarf from:

They had a "free stuff" pile in a back room, so I added to my bouquet of needles that I have on my knitting book bookshelf!

Next on the list of Four Shops was Knit Happens, a shop I know I will return to. Here's Danny holding the door for me.
The look on his face looks very relaxed, considering I he was entering:

Which usually means he needs to cover his ears once I get to the "checkout"! The folks there at the store made him feel welcome and set him down on the sofa they have in the book room and let him watch tv while I was busy shopping! Much as I liked everything there and will probably go back and spend significantly in the future, I didn't buy anything yesterday.

On to the last stop on our trip, Arizona Knitting and Needlepoint. This one was a bit harder for us to find, but is an adorable little shop just crammed to the rafters with yarn.
That ended the whole tour for the day...and in the famous words of Aaaahnold, "Aaaahl be back!"

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