Thursday, July 8, 2010

Serendipity (Mystery Stole 4)

Way BackWhen, I began a stole with the Mystery Stole 4 group on Yahoo. I made the mistake of buying Malabrio laceweight to knit it with, and wasn't really happy with it. The yarn is soft as butter, and will probably feel great once it is knit up and around my neck, but in the meanwhile, it catches on my dry hands, and is simply too light to feel comfortable to knit with. This is MHO only, mind you. I am sure that lots of knitters love it.

Anyhow, after catching up and finishing all the UFO's in my knitting baskets, closets, bins and bags, there was the poor little wadded up thing, half knit and patiently waiting for me to pick it up again. I think I heard a slight wimper from the plastic bag it was in. (maybe it was simply gasping for air)

Long story short, it is a tribute to my talent at laying guilt trips on myself to say that I am nearly finished with the thing now.
I had nearly just thrown it out a few times, especially when I was cleaning out my craft closet in order to pack and move from Washington. But every time I came close to letting it go, something stopped me.

Now that it is nearly done (I have only chart #5 to go and then the big weaving session),I am glad to be finishing it. Of course, you will have to check back with me AFTER the weaving to see if I stick with that opinion. The stole, which is now available as a pattern by Georgina Bow Creations on the Pink Lemon Twist Blog, is knit inward from each end, meeting close to the middle and then the two sections are woven together. Georgina is sweet and the pattern is really well written. She was very helpful to the group, and I am pretty certain that she would give support for her patterns. It was the first lace shawl pattern I ever used beads with and her instructions for that were impeccable. The pattern, called Serendipity, is now sold together with a matching sock pattern.

According to Georginas' Websters New World Dictionary, Serendipity is an apparent aptitude for making accidental fortunate discoveries. Evidently my discovery is that finishing this Mystery stole is not only a "Mystery", it's a Miracle!! And in the end, one that I am glad of!

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