Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Weeks Yarn!

First was the delivery of my yarn for the Mystery Shawl A Long 18. This is a Yahoo Group that I signed up for that begins on July 24th. There is still time to get signed up if you are interested. Hope that link works. Anyway, Renee from Goddess Knits has designed the shawl for it and I am so excited to start a new project. Shawls seem to be the thing for me this summer, so why fight it? I ordered the yarn from her shop, where you can also look at all her previous patterns and purchase them if you are so inclined. Beautiful work, so I am sure that this new one will be worth it! My yarn is beautiful, although I had to adjust my plan a bit. I ordered the Garnet colorway and thought it would be a red color, but it is this beautiful Chocolate Brown. She offered to exchange it for me, but I decided to keep it. Corinne suggested I use a turquoise color beads with it, and I think that will be beautiful.

I was in Flagstaff two times this week, and bought yarn at Purl in the Pines yarn shop there. Some beautiful Cascade Alpaca Laceweight Color #1410, a dusty rose, and also a hank of Cascade Heritage Handpainted Sock yarn in a wonderful grey colorway #9922.

As if that weren't enough, we went to downtown Prescott today, enjoying some rainy weather.

While we were down there I "had" to stop in to A Good Yarn, because I knew they had a sale on Laceweight and sock yarn. Just to make sure that I don't run out of lace projects (grin)....I bought some. OH MY Gosh! This is kind of scary when it is all put here for the world to see. Did I really buy More Yarn? Well, here is the last of it:

The purple color is Knit Picks Shadow in Foxtrot and the Crystal Palace Yarn Kid Merino in color #4680, a lovely lavender. The pink alpaca/ llama/sheep (can't figure out which it is) I bought to display on my yarn shelf at a pet store downtown called The Pet Depot. It is actually a dog toy complete with a "squeaky" inside! The Envirosax bag I found in a little boutique called Hop Sing. I have wanted one of these bags for a long time. They fold up to a teeny tiny thing that fits inside your purse. Love it! I would love to order one of their sets that come with a pouch that holds 5 bags. One of these days...although after buying so much yarn recently, I am definitely on a smaller budget for a good while.

I will be good.
I will be good.
I will be good.

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