Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Day

You know, some days it is just nice to lay around. Obviously Lila was in the mood for a lazy afternoon, and so was I. This is what I did:

The beginnings of another new project, The Victoria Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. I have had this book a long time. My copy is the first edition, which is riddled with errata, unfortunately, but I figure I can find the corrections online, so I haven't replaced my copy with an updated one. Too much money, right? For the price of replacing my book, I could easily knit one or two of the projects! This pattern is written for garter stitch, but I like the look of stocking stitch better here, so I am purling the even rows instead of knitting. Some knitters would call me crazy, I guess. I really don't mind purling however. Maybe it is because I am a thrower, not a picker. I don't know. Got this yarn at A Good Yarn, remember? It is Knit Picks Shadow in Foxtrot and so far I am in love with it. It has such a pretty stitch definition, soft and heathery. The cast on row is just some alpaca yarn in my left over bits. I did a crochet chain and picked up the stitches so I could use them later when I get to doing the edging. The edging of this shawl will be done with the Kid Merino I got the same day.
We had a "winding session" the other night...this is Danny, my hubby and Lila winding up the yarn for my upcoming participation in the Mystery Shawl 18 group.
The smug look on my face is because I knew how his arm was gonna feel after winding 1300 yards of laceweight! My darling hubby is a good sport, isn't he?

Happy Knitting!

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JoshAndLizzieKnits said...

wow, mom! I love it! I bet it really does look better in stocking stitch, it's beautiful! I'm only saying "I bet" cause I haven't seen it in garter, but yeah. Dad's hair is WHITE! love you!