Sunday, July 11, 2010

The One About Socks, Tails and Big Feet

This morning I finished the first sock of a pair that I am knitting from the wonderful Fleece Artist yarn. I bought it at Hilltop Yarns (East) in Bellevue, WA. It was stashed for quite a time, while waiting for it's turn to be knit. I love this yarn so much, but I am nervous about having enough to finish the 2nd sock, since I wear a size 12 shoe. That's right. 12. Twelve. So you would wonder if I would think twice about starting socks for myself with only 349 yards of sock yarn, right?

For this sock, I cast on 64 stitches using US size 2 dp needles, knit 10 rounds in k2p2, then began knitting each round in k3p1 all the way down the leg. When the sock was 7 inches long, I did a standard heel flap (slip one, knit one, purl back) then turned the heel using size 1 needles to make it a bit sturdier. Switched back to size 2's and picked up the stitches for the gussets, and was off to the races. Down the foot, keeping my k3p1 pattern on the top of the foot and stocking stitch on the bottom. This morning I did the toe decreases and kitchenered the toe. I always do my toes the same, decreasing every other row until there are 32 stitches total, then every row until there are 16 stitches total. With 8 stitches on each of the two needles, I weave the toe. This gives me just the right shape toe for me.

I am really impressed with toe up socks, and also with socks that use different ways of making the toe, such as a star or a rose, etc. But I haven't really done any of those. Seems like my ways of challenging myself haven't included the variations of sock construction methods. At least I have to say, thus far! Maybe one of these days I will explore more sock strategies and develop myself that way. For now, I am content to keep things pretty much the same unless my pattern calls for something different. For instance, I always use the same cast on for my socks. I can say that I use it nearly exclusively for all my knitting as well. The Long Tailed Cast On was one of the first cool things I taught myself when I decided to be a knitter and I love it so much that I use it most all the time. Unless a pattern calls specifically for something different, I resort to the Long Tail. Once in a while I learn a different one for one reason or another, but then I'm right back to using the Long Tail Cast On. I have to say that this morning, the LTCO worked out perfectly.

Just the right amount of tail left over! Doesn't always happen, let me tell you! Especially the first time! I just had to do a little dance after that happened today. So did the Pink Sheep! Gotta think of a nickname for her...not Pinky, though. Maybe Rosie. She reminds me of those little animated computer "pets" you can get for the sidebar of your blog. Lot's of knitting blogs have them.

Well, anyway, at least I am started off on sock number two. Let's hope there will be enough yarn to finish it with! Remember--size 12's? And yes, just so you know, big feet run in my family. I think my brother is a size 17 or 18. And no, I have never knit him a pair of socks. I think he understands. Get it? UnderSTANDS?

Sorry..couldn't resist. Until next time, keep knitting!

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