Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like a Broken Record

Well, same old was pretty much dead. Thanks to a co-worker of my husbands, it is finally usable, but I still keep getting the Blue Screen of Death every now and then. Need a new hard drive, I think.

Anyhow, here is a couple of my latest accomplishments, knitting wise...

This is the Aeolian Shawl designed for Knitty by Elizabeth Freeman. Isn't she brilliant? It is difficult to see what color this is in the photos. It is a light sage green in Jagger-spun Zepher wool-silk laceweight yarn. I liked using it very much. Also impossible to see is the beading on this shawl. I didn't count, but according to the pattern, you use 2250 beads on it! (Felt like twice that!!) I chose a clear bead in order to create the impression of dew drops on spring leaves. It is stunning, but if I ever knit this pattern again, I think I will leave the beading off of the main part of the shawl and just add them on the edging. Here are some more pics...

A new skill learned from this adventure, nupps, which are like loose bobbles.

Here are some photos of another project finished this spring, the Cabled Confection sweater by Deborah Newton. Leisure Arts book pattern. I absolutely loved making this sweater for my Mom, who models it here. It is the first cabled sweater I have ever made. The pattern called for a very expensive mohair yarn, which would have been beautiful, but I say with enthusiasm, Thank God for Knitpicks!!! This is the old standby, Wool of the Andes yarn in Tidepool Heather and it couldn't have been more perfect for about $45 dollars. Whew!

Isn't she cute?
Well, guess this will do for now. I am really out of practice with blogging. Bear with me while I get it going again, if anyone is reading this. Thanks for checking back with me!

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