Friday, June 25, 2010

Started to make another Multnomah with some yarn from the stash, but as I got started it seemed to bore me. I instead found this pattern that I had favorited on Ravelry. It is called Clotilde and is a pattern designed by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. It uses the ever famous Gull Stitch that I used ages ago on my first Pi shawl. So it is very easy, but interesting enough to keep me going.

The yarn is Pagewood Farms Yukon sock yarn in Navajo colorway. I have two hanks of it, which means that I have two dyelots since Pagewood Farms doesn't have dyelots. I emailed them once and they said that if I ever want matching dyelot hanks, they can special order that for me. But regardless, I believe that if I just switch to the darker hank when I get through the lighter one, it will kind of "line up" at the bottom of the shawl and look like I planned it...kinda...sorta? Well, we will see. I do love this yarn and the colorway.

My computer makes this turquoise color look more blue than it is. It is a very nearly green turquoise that I love. The top photo shows it more true.

Saw this yesterday:
Momma Bird there is hatching a second batch of eggs, evidently. Her and Poppa Bird built this nest in the car port here at my apartment this spring and have already raised one family in it. Now they are back for more fun. I say this would make a wonderful Reality Show...2 parents with a whole lot of kids. Seems to be the formula, right?

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KatieB said...

Renee, your shawl are lovely! Just astoundingly so. Now that I visited your blog I recognize you from the time you came to Thurs. Night knitting. I will see you online and in person again, I hope. Love to see some of those lace eauties in person.