Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back from Tacoma

I went to Tacoma to visit my daughters and son-in-law last week. It was wonderful. We had a bit of fun celebrating an early Christmas and I went to each of their Starbucks stores and had wonderful coffee. I got a bit of knitting done, too.

The swatch for Mom's sweater is done. Don't have a picture...didn't take one (how interesting can a swatch be?) But here is a sock that I spent some time on.

I was a bit worried about maybe being a clutz and dropping the needles on the plane, but it was all good. While Corinne, Lizzie and Nicole (Corinne's roommate) and I were in the theater watching "New Moon" during my trip (yes, they conned me into it), Corinne pulled out a scarf she is knitting and in a quiet part of the movie her acrylic knitting needle dropped to the floor! A bit of panic, wondering if it would roll up under the folks in front of us, but no. It was safe at her feet. Just a little distraction, that's all. Next time Corinne...the word is...........Circulars!! Ok? LOL

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, this is an interesting shot of all My Favorite Things. Hard to see my new Samsung Rogue and my iPOD against the black desk, but they are there. My wonderful Kindle is there too. Danny gave it to me for Mother's Day and I love it!! The photo on my monitor is one of Lizzie and myself in Seattle when we went to the Burke Museum and then to downtown Seattle last summer.

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