Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello? This is me, is that you?

Well, I was wondering if I would ever get back to blogging at all. With my last blog back in February, I really did think I might just give it up. My job had gotten to be "all consuming", crazy hours and high stress. When I was home the last thing I wanted to do is get on the computer. But finally we decided that I should just quit the job and move down here to Arizona. It was a tough year being apart from my hubby and I was glad to be here because we are able to be together again! We visited each other and texted and called every day, but of course that isn't the same! :)

Anyway, I came down here at the first of November and have been getting used to being in the Southwest part of the US again. I miss the rain and the Canada Geese, the coffee stands on every block, and Teriyaki in every strip mall. But I am growning accustomed to it here and have found it to be pleasing in many ways. (no traffic!!!)

Ok, gonna talk knitting now. Above is a swatch of the sweater I am going to knit for my Mom. She bought a book by Leisure Arts called Deborah Newton's Cable Collection . It has a beautiful car length hooded sweater in it called Cabled Confection. It is stunning all in Classic Elite "La Gran" yarn, a beautiful mohair. BUT too expensive for our budget. I am swatching (of all yarns) Caron Simply Soft in Lt. Country Blue. Normally, you know that I am a big yarn snob and would be buying something with natural fiber. But really, I think Mom will like this yarn, and it has a lovely drape that will feel somewhat light and soft as the original yarn, which has this angelic halo. Of course, I am swatching now, so Mom can get together with me and approve the yarn/color. I only bought one skein to swatch with. Figure I will have to buy about 7-8 of them for the sweater since it takes 22 skeins of "La Gran" (that would be a $200 sweater). That is 1980 yds. I am getting gauge with size 10 Denise needles, and hope that continues when I begin swatching the cables. So far only having done some stocking stitch.

Let's get reaquainted, shall we? Forgive me for letting the blog drop. I am thankful that I once again will have the time to devote to it! Also to knitting.

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