Saturday, October 1, 2011

Supplies for KAL

Like I said yesterday, I have my "way" to do a KAL. This is one thing in my life that I can say I am organized about. Maybe it is only because I have so many projects going at one time and it would be complete chaos if I weren't organized. Whatever the reason, here are my supplies for the Yarn Fairy KAL, which begins today.
Notice that my folder this time is in perfect harmony with Wendy, the Yarn Fairy's chosen name!! Also, there is my yarn that she and her pixies dyed just for me. It is not exactly pink, rather a light to medium red dye. Love it!! My magnetic board complete with magnets. I will set my chart up on this and put one of the magnets over the line I am knitting. I used to do it the other way, placing the magnet beneath the current line I'm knitting from the chart. Problem was, it is easier to "read" my knitting if I can see the previous few lines of knitting as I go. That way if I encounter a problem, I can find it and correct it more quickly. Usually any problems I find in my lace knitting are due to forgetting a YO. Easily corrected without tinking back. (Get it? "Tink" back?...yeah)

My knitting needles are there, a size 4 ChiaoGoo 40 " circular. Last is the highlighting pen. I like to fill in the chart as I complete each line. That way if my magnet gets knocked out of place I still have my place marked. I learned this the hard way. But lets not talk about that! LOL

The only other thing missing is my first chart, which will fit inside my folder!

Ok, now that my organizational weirdness is out, I will get to knitting!

edited later:
Forgot to mention my little stitch markers, I like the kind that are slim and continuous rather than the "split" kind that can catch on such thin yarn...also, I am only a few rows in, but have switched to a size 3 needle, since I like the look of the fabric much better. I am such a Loosey-Goosey knitter.

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