Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Done with Clue 2

Yes, Clue #2 was a quick and enjoyable knit!  I finished it this morning after a horrible night of sleep (or rather no sleep) due to a shoulder problem I have had for years. The problem, involving a station wagon, a bag of groceries and a hubby who through  no fault of his own accidentally slammed the hatchback door down on my shoulder when I was leaning in the back to pick up some more grocery bags, has left me with occasional pain in that shoulder. So last night I put the heating pad on and tried to ease the pain. It seems better today,  but have you noticed that I haven't quit knitting. hmmmmm

Ok, so this picture isn't the greatest. How can I post inferior pics on the blog? Well, the color may be off, but you can still see the pattern, and since I am certain that most readers I have had in the past have since moved on to more wooly pastures because of  my year long hiatus, I am going to post it anyway!

After doing some cleaning this afternoon, I think I will pick up one of the other KAL's I'm working on and knit some more. Maybe put on Craftlit Podcast and listen to chapter 3 of Dracula! Yaaahaahaahaaa! (insert wicked laughing sound here) Have to say, Dracula isn't exactly my usual genre of Lit, but I am enjoying it so much. You just never know about people! Even yourself! :)

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