Friday, October 7, 2011

I have a clue!

The first clue, that is, of the Yarn Fairy KAL is done!
The red yarn is looking sort of a lipstick pink, rather beautiful, I think. It is beautiful yarn and so soft and lovely. I am looking forward to the next clue, which is coming tomorrow!

This was a fantastic car project. I went to Las Vegas with Hubby this week, and since this pattern is fairly simple  and involves no beading, it was lovely car knitting. We stayed at Harrahs, and had a view of the Volcanos going off at the Mirage, I believe. I don't know. We used to live in Las Vegas, so the Strip holds no real attraction for me, I just enjoy visiting Mom, who still lives there. And Danny was there on business. But here are some night photos of the lights for you!

It may be the first time we drove down the Strip in more than 20 years or more, but when you live in Vegas, you spend more time avoiding the Strip than actually going down it!

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