Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a Mystery to Me!

Working on the MS19 yesterday I got the feeling that it was too big.

You can't tell really from this photo, but it is a full 28 inches wide when I spread it out widthwise.

I thought for a while about changing something. Maybe a thinner yarn? Maybe smaller needles? I don't think so, though. My inclination is to simply go for it. I may need to order more yarn, however! :) I only have 3 hanks of the Knit Picks Gloss laceweight. At this rate, I'm sure it will take more. Just not sure how much more? This is all food for thought today. I am not far enough on the shawl that starting over is out of the question. I could do it easily. I simply don't have the decision making capabilities today, it seems!

While mulling over the knitting issue this morning, I am listening to podcasts. I finished catching up with the newest one I have found: The Anatomy of Knitting. Then I listened to The Kindle Chronicles with Len Edgerly. (This one is only making me drool over the newest Kindle...I need to be careful! Remember, my decision making abilities are severely challenged today. May not be the best time to make a $189 purchase!)

Speaking of purchases, how do you like the contraption I bought for my Ipod?

This was on clearance at Walgreen for only $7.49. It looks like something the Skipper had the Professor put together in order to make contact with civilization and finally "get off the island", but it works fine for listening to my Ipod without the earbuds. I have a nicer Ihome in the bedroom, but wanted something I could set up in the livingroom or kitchen. Maybe I should switch their locations since this one is so weird looking!

Well, my hair is finally dry. That means I need to get doing something today instead of sitting here at the computer. Later!

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