Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Keep Knitting

Today I finished the first of my "5 Dishcloth" project. I plan to make 5 of these for my kitchen. I don't know why I'm thinking just 5.

This is my big basket of kitchen cotton. I can't resist buying it when I see it. It is so cheap, and pretty. I actually had two baskets until last winter when I knit bunches of dishcloths for folks. But I only kept a couple of those for me, and all my other ones are worn out. I began making them ages ago and still have the first ones I made. They wear like iron, even with daily use. We got talking about the Ball Band Dishcloth at knitting last week, and it made me go have a good discriminating look in my dishcloth basket I keep under the sink. To be honest, some of these old faithfuls should be retired. So I came up with a plan to make more even though I am in Shawl Mode*. Well, after I get tired of making this pattern, the Diagonal Knit Dishcloth by Eloomanator, I may move on to a different one. I'd like to make a GiNormous stack of new cloths.

Speaking of shawls, Victoria is coming along, I am only 8 repeats from finishing the inner part of the shawl, which is a lovely diamonding.

Here she is on Saturday, the two of us (Victoria and I) were waiting for my Blackberry to announce the email I get from my Yahoo Groups Mystery Shawl 18 that gives the next clue for the week. Waiting, knitting, waiting, knitting,waiting...knitting.....

Finally it came later in the day. I tell you, in a mystery kal, the anticipation of those clues really does keep you going!

This will be a half hexagon shawl, as you can faintly see the three sections in this photo. Too bad lace always looks like nothing but a pile of string while the actual knitting is taking place. Here is a better detail of clue #2 nearly done. I'm about 8 rows away from the last row in clue 2.

So that's what I've been knitting this week. I am looking very longingly at a pattern I found while browsing on Ravelry the other day, Drops Knitted Slippers. These look so cute, and when I looked through all the 90 of these that are being knitted or have been knitted by Ravelry knitters, it made me drool! Just a simple pair of slippers can get me like that. I really have startitis I think. I am also going to sign up for Mystery Shawl 19, since I am enjoying 18 so much. Crazy, I know. Methinks lace is addictive.

So I am going to go and knit now. I certainly have enough to keep me busy. Maybe I will knit on the patio this afternoon. Lila sure likes being in her favorite spot out there while I knit.

* Shawl Mode definition: Can't stop knitting shawl after shawl, also cruising Ravelry for new patterns for shawls, buying lace weight yarn for shawls yet to be knit, looking daily at all my lace shawl patterns and putting them in order of knitting importance. Signs of Shawl Mode-sitting with lace shawl in progress and needles in hands with dreamy look on face. If you see someone in this hypnotic state please don't interrupt them or disturb them. It is similar to Sleep Walking and may be dangerous. :)

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tina said...

I'm tired just reading your post, you are a knitting fool!!! ;)

Think I'll pop by the patio and we'll knit a bit!