Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Knitting Today...not much else

Just thought I would pop in and post a photo of the MS18, I am just finished with clue #4 and began #5, which is the final clue.The white spot on the right of the photo isn't a moth eaten area. It is the strap from my camera as it hang down. Ok, so I'm not Jared Flood. My photos are functional but not necessarily stunning.

I began MS19 this afternoon, and only knit 2 rows so far. It was another shawl with a provisional cast on. I like the method of crochet for this, but instead decided to use EZ's description of her "invisible" cast on method. A bit more of a pain to get started, but who likes to do the same method every time, right? Nothing else to report, really. Just a nice knitting day and lots of time to knit. What is better than that?

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