Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It's a New Day

A new day, a new month. A new start on the Mystery Shawl 19. This is my Crochet Provisional Cast On, just knitting up stitches into the back loop of the crochet chain.

The yarn is "Just Our Yarn" in "Almaza", which is a 100% tencel yarn. I bought it at the Madrona Fiber Festival in 2009. I am hoping that the shawl will knit up better in this yarn. I could have gone down a needle size or two in the KP Gloss, but then my stitches would have been tighter and less lacy. I hate to be starting over, but sometimes yarn simply tells you what to do. And the Gloss was telling me it would like to be something else. Maybe some socks or a lightweight sweater. Don't know. It will tell me, but for now, it just told me that it doesn't want to be MS19!
This yarn is made of tencel. Wondering what that actually is led me to look up tencel in Wikipedia. I found it is a wood pulp product. Amazing! So I learned a little something today. My yarn resembles silk with it's soft sheen and the color is wonderful.
So, here is to new beginnings, fresh starts, do overs, second chances. I've been given many of them in my life and this is just one more!

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