Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quite a While, I Know...

Well, remember this?
Here is the shawl today...

Yes, that is a second place ribbon at the Puyallup Fair in W. Washington. I'm very pleased and proud. I am looking forward to receiving the adjudication paper (Judges opinions on my knitting) and learning how I can work at better lace knitting. I know that my grafting needs work, for instance. At least my lace grafting. Kitchenering a toe is easy....complicated lace patterns, are another! And try to find a book or website that has very much help with that!

Thought you'd like some wedding photos...we still don't have the "official" photos back yet, but these are some pretty good snapshots that someone took. That first one is Lizzie with her Josh and her Mom-in-Law and Dad-in-Law, Lynnette and Tom.
Then, our friend Jean and Lizzie holding the shawl, and the third pic is of the wedding party.. from left to right, Danielle, Corinne (Lizzie's sisters), Lizzie, Josh, Brandon (Best Man and Josh's cousin) and Jason, Josh's best friend from his band.
Lately I have been knitting on the Mystery Stole 4. I had gotten quite far into clue #2 and just didn't like my yarn choice or how the fabric looked. So I frogged and began again with some new yarn. I will post a picture when I get a bit further along. Maybe when I finish clue #1. Of course now I am behind the group, since Georgina the designer just released clue #3 on Friday. Arrrgh! Oh, well. It is not a race, just a fun knit. Right?
Glad to be "back"...I hope I can post more often now. Life has sure gotten crazy around here. But I miss blogging and since I got a new phone that takes great pictures, I'm hoping that will inspire me to blog more often!
Happy knitting!


N. Maria said...

I can't believe you only got a Red ribbon for that. It's gorgeous.

tina said...

The wedding photos are wonderful (about time woman!!!!)

LOVE seeing that gorgeous shawl up close, it is absolutely stunning!

AlisonH said...

WOW that's gorgeous!