Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A New Sock is Born

Well, it's in the process, anyway. My Mom-in-law, Sylvia, bought me this sock yarn when I was down there in June. It's Opal Yarn, and the label is mostly German, so I can give few details. It is 75%superwash virgin wool and 25% polyamid. It's colorway is called Inspiration #1129. It looks so different when knitting it into a sock than it does in the skein. I love it. So cute. It was on sale at Mom's LYS. If you go to this Opal site, you can preview their new yarn colorways for fall (such as Harry Potter. They have one named Tonks, one named Ron, one named Dumbledore...and so on. Very nice and if you're a Potter fan, it's a lot of fun to knit socks named for your favorite characters.

So today I am knitting away on the sock and listening to the latest Knitmore Girls podcast. I love hearing Gigi and Jasmin gab about their knitting. If you want some fun, download their little podcast to your ITunes and give a listen. You don't need an Ipod to do it. Just download ITunes to your computer and you can begin downloading all kinds of nice knitting podcasts! I listen to so many podcasts. Danny bought me an IPod for Christmas and I use it everyday. As I have said, I knit at work on my breaks instead of watching the stupid TV that is always blaring in the breakroom. So I just plug my IPod into my ears and enjoy my podcasts or some nice music while I knit.

I finished the little Hug Me shrug. It is kind of funny looking, since a shrug is really just a big rectangle with arms formed out of the ends. But here is a photo:

I like the way it turned out and I hope I can get a picture of it on it's recipient someday. Speaking of pictures, still no wedding photos. UGH!! It's killing me that I don't have them. As far as the Shetland Tea shawl goes, though, I have a new plan. Lizzie and Josh are going to help me re-block it so it is nice and fresh and then we are going to enter it into the Fair!!! At least that is my plan. I have to find out the details about how and when. So more about that later.

Bye for now! Keep on knitting!


AlisonH said...

Love the sock, and the reference to Gigi and Jasmin--Gigi test-knitted one of the patterns for my book. The two of them and my daughter and I all took spinning classes together, years ago.

Jenni said...

That is a nice colorway. I like how it knits up.