Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hug Me!

I have no pictures today, since my camera has disappeared. (I think my daughter has it somewhere) But I have a pattern to pass along. I am furiously knitting on a little "Hug Me" shrug. It is the most adorable pattern and was FREE on the internet. Don't you love free stuff? I like the blog I found it on: Let Me ExplaiKnit. Sara explains knitterly things. This little shrug is for a toddler size, but really, it would be a simple pattern to make in any size you wanted if you wanted.

I finished the plain grey socks and gave them to Josh. No word yet if they fit properly. I had forgotten how long I knit the foot on the previous pair I'd given him. I have also (seems ages ago) finished the Monkey socks. I haven't washed and blocked them yet, but they are sitting there behaving themselves, waiting for me to find time and inclination.

I have missed Knit Club for a few weeks now since my schedule at work has been changing constantly. I am frustrated at not being there and miss it greatly. Hi, girls, if you're reading this!

Ok, this isn't much of a post, but I have a dentist appointment in an hour, so I'd better get ready.


Judy Aldrich said...

Am I the first to post?!! Always wanted to say that. :-)

FNKC misses you too Renee. I actually went last Friday; won't get there again until the 15th. Hope to see you soon along with the money socks?

Jenni said...

I like the pattern. When I went to the link, I was bummed because it was a kid's pattern and then I kept reading your post and saw that you said that it could be easily adapted to adult!