Saturday, July 12, 2008

Secret Desire

I have an unspoken theory. It is my personal belief that everyone secretly wants to be a knitter. There. I said it. I have thought long and hard about this and yes, I believe it to be true.

There are several reasons I have for thinking that knitting is the secret desire of every person. For one thing, since I began knitting I have made it a habit to work on my projects on every break at work. Instead of sitting in the employee dining room, I like to sit in the break room, plug my Ipod into my ears and knit. I knit on socks, shawls, sweaters, whatever I am currently knitting gets spread out over the table as I while away my 30 minutes. This attracts a certain amount of attention as most of my co-workers are not knitters, but secretly desire to be one. They will walk by on their way to the smoking "porch" and sneak looks at what I am working on. Or openly check it out. Sometimes a brave one will sit down and begin asking questions. "What is it?" or "That looks complicated...I don't know how you do it!" or the classic, "I would never have the time to do that." (Never mind that they see me working at the same full time job as themselves-guess they think I sit around on my keester when I'm off work.) Then, most times, they get reminiscent about a knitter that they know and love...a grandmother, a mother, a favorite aunt. They speak lovingly about a knitted item that they treasure. See where I'm going with this? Deep down, they have the heart of a knitter. An appreciation for the time and effort that went into that sweater or scarf that their loved one made them. Deep down, they would like to knit.

When I give someone a knitted item, it is appreciated much. Non-knitters who receive knitting often marvel at it's complexity. Mind you, that means a simple garter stitch scarf. But I still remember those days when even the simplest knit patterns seemed like magic to me. (Come to think of it...they still do!) They wish they had the ability to make such a wondrous thing. And for one fleeting moment, they wistfully contemplate knitting in a way they never did before. Time seems to stand still as the thought is formulated in their minds.

"What if......?"

Then, almost as quickly as it came, the look is gone as they dismiss it as impossible, thinking, "I would never have time to do that!" But I know that deep down, they would like to knit.

Several times, I have inspired someone to take up knitting again. Perhaps they learned to knit as a child or teen, sitting at their grandmother's knee. They see me knitting and it get's them thinking about knitting again. Next thing I know, they are showing me their latest project, having a blast knitting a scarf or a pair of socks. You see, deep down, they wanted to knit and yet it was repressed for years. Only after being a witness to someone elses knitting were they set free. Deep down, they wanted to knit. (Yes, I know that this sounds a bit like Sleeping Beauty, but you must remember that Sleeping Beauty had been spinning when she fell into her deep sleep. That proves an "intent to knit" and I'm sure she was up and searching the castle for some fleece when she was awoken from her sleep! A knitter cannot be detered, even by an accidental hundred year nap!)

I'm sure you are thinking, "But not everyone knits. Some people never think of knitting. What about them?" Here is the thing. Knitting itself creates a peace of mind-a state of being that is enviable. When knitting, the knitter finds him/herself relaxing and allowing the troubles of the day to melt away. No, not everyone has found this out. Yet.

Many, many people are still searching for that kind of peace. They plug into music or watch TV. They play video games or walk the dog. But we who are knitters know that it is only a matter of time. One day, when they least suspect it, someone will hand them a knitted item as a gift and the wheels will start to turn. Because it is an irresistible force, knitting. Deep down...yes. Everyone wants to knit.


tina said...

Lovely post and I agree completely!


AlisonH said...

Amen. Love it.