Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystery Stole 4

Just completed 1/2 of clue #1. (We have to knit it twice, since the stole is knit from both ends toward the middle and joined by grafting-yes, my old friend lace grafting)

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

The yarn I'm using is Malabrigo Laceweight in Sealing Wax. Very beautiful with ruby red beads. I'm enjoying the pattern, designed this year by Melanie's Mom, Georgina. I haven't done any of the previous Mystery Stoles, but Melanie is of Pink Lemon Twist fame and was the designer in the previous years. Georgina is her Mom and designed this beautiful piece for this years KAL. Their patterns including previous Mystery Stoles are available for purchasing on her blog site.

The yarn I began with was the Shadow lace yarn from Knit Picks in the Oregon Coast colorway. It is such beautiful yarn and I'm certain that I will use it for something else, but I didn't like it for the MS4. I'm linking it for you, though, because this yarn is simply wonderful to knit with. It is smooth without being slippery, soft as butter (100% merino wool) and it has a halo to it when you knit that gives it a beautiful look without the hairy-ness of a mohair. Plus, it is only $2.99 for a 50 gr. hank. All that said, it wasn't the color I needed for this stole in order to make me happy. So, I reached into my stash and pulled out the Malabrigo. Big name yarn right now, you hear about it all the time. I bought it some time ago at Churchmouse Yarns on Bainbridge Is.

I had stashed a bunch of this pretty yarn which is softer than anything you can imagine and spun loosely. Problem? My dry hands. My hands are such a mess, dry skin and cuticles that are so embarrassing. Answer? Well, for the short term, I pulled out my St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Got my hands wet and then scrubbed with about a tablespoon of the stuff for a few minutes. Rinse, rinse, rinse, then lotioned with Vaseline hand and nail conditioning lotion. Long term, though, I went to Walmart and bought myself a present. I had been listening to the podcast "The Knitmore Girls" and Jasmine had said that she bought herself a Paraffin wax bath for her hands. I couldn't wait to get to Walmart for mine. I wanted one of these a couple of Christmases ago and when it didn't materialize under the tree, I just forgot it. Now was my time. I had some tip money left from last weeks tips and so I went for it. It will help the arthritis, too.
So there is my answer to knitting with Malabrigo yarn. Lots of hand pampering. This yarn was catching on every little spot on my fingertips. It will be better now. Here is another tip for the Malabrigo: it felts so easily. Just placing it in your knitting bag loose and letting it sort of bounce around sort of "felts" it with itself. It sticks to itself very easily. Solution? Place yarn in a sandwich bag or knit from the outside of the ball not a center pull. Very helpful to me.

Ok...thats it for today. Got my Wool Gathering in the mail and it's calling my name.

Keep knitting!



N. Maria said...

Love the rich color! I, too, am knitting both ends at the same time and am looking "forward?" to the lace grafting? *gulp
Okay....I want to hear how the Paraffin wax bath went!!

SYLVIE said...

Nice color for your Mystery stole!
I'm also knitting both ends at the same time, I started on clue 3 last night.

Want to hear about the hand bath too :) I have the same problem I use a pumice stone on my hands.

Alison said...

Hi I just wanted to give you a tip for the paraffin wax bath. I suggest looking for a heavy creme that does not use Mineral oil any other oil is ok. Slather that on your hands before you dip them in the Paraffin. If you can not find a creme with out mineral oil you can try slathering your hands with olive oil first. Mineral oil does not have any benefits for the skin. I think it is popular in cremes because it soaks in quickly.
I love the color of your MS4 and the first clue looks great. I am a bit behind myself. I am just swatching now. I am using the same yarn in color Holly Hock. Good luck with your hands.

Renée said...

Thanks Alison! I will take your advice. I have some Cetaphil cream in the house and will try that.