Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Here are the Ribbons

I picked up the shawl from the fairgrounds today, despite the fact that my tooth is killing me. Really..killer toothache. I have to see the dentist tomorrow. Anyhow, here also is a photo of the adjudication , which to my disappointment didn't give too much in the way of helpful info. I did score 95% out of 100%, so I couldn't have missed first place by too much.
It says under cleanliness "a few iffy places on edge". I don't know if they were speaking of cleanliness as in dirty, or cleanliness as in cleaness of lines and patterns or blocking, etc. Guess I'll never know. Oh, well. I don't even know who does the judging. Hope it was a knitter, that's all. I'm sure it was. It certainly was fun entering in the fair and I will definitely do it again with another project. The best part was going down to the fairgrounds and finding where they had displayed the shawl and seeing that ribbon for the first time.

Ok, now, just for the fun of it, here is my daughter Corinne's guinea pigs, Lilly and Minerva. Cute in their little outfits. Such little hams for the camera.
Sorry girls...poor piggies only got machine made sweaters.
Happy knitting!!


Corinne said...

my piggies look so cute on your page!! I have to make them hand knit outfits for halloween. :)

tina said...

The ribbons are great, should be BLUE baby, all the way! :)

hope your tooth is better?