Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Friends, Good Knit

Does anyone recognize this sweater? If you have read my blog for a while, you'll realize that it is the Icy Blue Shell. You can look under the June and July posts if you can't remember it. Doesn't it look great? Now. Ask me if it's mine. Go ahead.

This beautiful and almost complete sweater has been knit by Nancy, my friend at the Friday Night Knitting Club ( I usually just say Knit Group, but the official name was taken from the book. Now I'll move on with the post quickly, since if I linger here I may begin whining about how much I wanted to knit this sweater and couldn't get the gauge right. But then, you know the story. This wonderful knitster above is Judy. No, she didn't put her shirt through the dryer and forget to remove the sock that got stuck to it. (hate it when that happens). Rather, she is wearing her sock as a badge of honor since it is the first one she completed! Now she is working on #2 and is fearlessly working round and round, knowing that in the end, she will have a perfect pair of warm socks to warm her tootsies. Behind her in the picture is Milly. Sorry...that is a terrible shot of her. I know she was saying something funny and encouraging to Nancy or Leslie in that moment. I just know it, because she is always full of ideas and fun. Milly works in the Yarn Dept at Ben's (Franklin) and keeps us in line as well. She has been knitting for years and years, and can do practically anything with yarn and needles as a result. Across the table from Judy and Nancy is the Mother/Daughter team: Jane and Leslie. Now these two have it all together. They are so much fun and full of new ideas and plans. Both of them are making projects to display in the store because they are so talented. Jane is holding up a wonderful knitted tote she made completely out of plastic grocery sacks! I wish you could see it up close. It is so adorable.
Leslie doesn't knit, but works on cross stitch and I must say she does the most delicate projects and beautiful work.
Right now she is working hard on these Christmas ornaments for a friend. If you notice the size of them next to the scissors, you can see they are tiny and just perfect for one of those small, little, itsy-bitsy Christmas trees.

Corinne and I make up the other Mother/Daughter "team" in our group. Here is Corinne working on her Hobo Bag. She found the pattern on my knitting calandar ( a different pattern on each page) and bought a bunch of different yarns and is knitting it up in lots of different colors and textures. So cute.

And of course, there I am. Working on what, you ask? Pi. What else.


tina said...

What an absolute BLESSING to have such a wonderful Friday night group to knit with! Your Pi is scrumptious, I bet they all are gaga over it (as they should be!)

Judy (FNKC member) said...

What a hoot. Love the pics but most of all your comments. They are so witty!

Jenni said...

Oh...you and Pi look so happy!