Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cheating on Pi (A Confession)

I'm cheating. Ok? Only 10 more repeats of the border on Pi, and instead of buckling down and doing it, I have been cheating. Sneaking around with a sock. You have seen it before. A knitter, perfectly happy and content with their project. Committed and enjoying a good knitting relationship suddenly gets the urge to "be bad". At first it was meetings in the car (previously discussed). Then, carrying the sock into work to have a little quick knit in the breakroom. Now, I have to admit to blatently knitting out in the open, in my livingroom, while Pi looks on, dejected and weary in it's knitting bag. Even taking pictures.

Forgive me, Pi. It's just that I have to have a break. I feel like the guy in the hot dog eating contest who has to choke down that last few bites. I just need some time to myself. Our time together is special. You have been faithful to me, I know. But a knitter needs some variety. Some spice and excitement. I will come back to you. I will. And the time we spent apart will help our relationship. Really.


tina said...

Wowzers, and your nail polish matches your cheat! They will be talking now!!!!!! :)

Luni said...

I understand. Yesterday, I swatched for a hat. I'm almost done with the body of the Bubble Sweater, but instead of plowing along with it, I'm thinking about Christmas gifts. We all cheat sometimes.