Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still going...

Like that bunny with the drum, I am still going! Since I love my new swift so much, I decided to make yarn cakes of all my sock yarn that was in hanks. So, got out the big tub I have it in, and got to work yesterday! Yesterday morning yielded this:
Three 1300 yd hanks of laceweight, 1 hank of 880 yd laceweight, and various and sundry sock yarn hanks....all turned into little muffins!!

Went and ran some errands, went to my dr appointment, went to work where they were offering free flu shot, more errands, then home and back to going round and round with this pile as a result:
Guess I'm addicted! But that is a good addiction. Next time I'm digging through my sock yarn stash, I will grab some of these little yarn cakes to use. Some of this yarn I have had for years! But I keep reaching for the yarn that is already skeined up whenever I'm beginning new socks. I haven't really purchased much in the way of sock yarn in the past couple of years and yet I still have so much of it. This is really only a drop in the bucket. I should really be ashamed, right? Lets just say I'm fully prepared for any sock knitting emergency!!

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