Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How many pairs does this make?

I have a favorite pattern for fingerless gloves. The Cableback Gloves by Karen Alfke. I bought it from the Churchmouse Yarn and Tea shop over on Bainbridge Island, WA about 2 winters ago. It is a simple pattern and I have made so very many pairs of these as gifts. Two different sizes are offered, three different cable designs. They are plain stocking stitch on the palm, and just a thumbhole. Ribbing on the top of the hand and a lovely cable down the center. Then attached I-cord on the top and bottom edges. My copy of the pattern had gotten so beaten up from carrying it in my knitting bag for two years, so I purchased a PDF pattern online this week. Offered on Patternfish (Linked above), it is a really nice way to buy patterns. Not only do you receive wonderful patterns, but they will email you with any errata from the pattern if it comes up. A very nice feature.
Oh! And to answer the title question? About 11 pairs so far that I can remember. Maybe more.

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