Friday, January 2, 2009

The Call of the Siren

This is the French Press cozy I gave to Corinne for Christmas. I found the pattern in Knitalong. I have a thermal french press, or I would make one for myself. It is knit from yarn I bought at Ben Franklin that is called Katyil. 20sts=4 in. and in a colorway called Pansy Leaves. 70% wool and 30% soy. Very nice to work with, although a bit "splitty". There is attached I-cord all around the rectangle that is the "cozy" part, and then you lace a separate I-cord through the eyelets like shoelaces and tie it at the top. Easy! I think the pattern would look cute with some pretty cables, too. Or in a chunky yarn.

In the background of this next photo, you can get a glimpse of the wonderful Christmas present that everyone got me this year.

See that? I can be my own barista now.

That is Sirena. Just the most wonderful espresso machine. And believe me, the most appreciated. See, two of my daughters work for Starbucks. I am therefore the grateful recipient of many wonderous pounds of rich, dark coffee beans. Until now, I have been happy and content brewing them in my french press every morning. A glorious way to experience coffee and begin the day. I highly recommend it. However, for the past two years I have had my eye on Sirena. She is obviously named after the Starbucks Siren (mermaid) and has been living up to her name, calling out to me everytime she goes on sale at the store. Finally this Christmas the deal was too good to resist. With the added free coffee and they actually threw in a great burr coffee grinder, and my daughters Christmas discount and lovely Christmas money from my Mom-in-law, the daughters, my tips from work, etc...yes, it finally happened. She is mine, all mine. We can make wonderful lattés, mochas, americanos, and on and on. Pulling shots from my own machine.
Ok, enough bragging. Hope your holidays were happy.


JoshAndLizzieKnits said...

YAY for Starbucks gadgets! I'm so happy you got it. Now we can make your latte and my caramel macchiato at home! YAY FOR CONVENIENCE!!!!!

tina said...

I'll be right over, a lovely espresso would be delightful! Cozy is most cute as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about me? I would be right over if I wasn't 1400 miles away!!!