Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leggings and Deadlines

Working away on the Nethers. Going 'round and 'round. Making me a bit dizzy, but still kinda fun! The first picture is of the increases I'm doing on that back of the calf. The pictures are weird, since taking photos of black yarn is difficult for my camera, but the flash helped me to show a little of the detail. I'm doing a simple M1 to increase on both sides of two stitches on every third row.
Here are both legs. The longer one is a side view so you can see how those increases are working. I slid the long one there on some waste yarn that Josh had in his knitting supply bag and then tried it on Danielle. She sat on the floor with her leg in the air like a Radio City Rockette (should have took pictures of that, I know!) until her foot was falling asleep while I tugged and patted and smoothed and counted and measured. Poor girl. She didn't know what she was in for when I suggested these leggings for her! First was the indignity of the measuring, and now she realizes that the fittings will be numerous. She is a good sport, though, my Danielle.

I sort of volunteered (along with others in the Friday Night Knit Group) to complete a demo for the store. Fortunately for me, mine is a small project. But I have a *drumroll please*..............................DEADLINE! Now I know why the word deadline includes the word "dead". First Pi, where my "deadline" came and went, and now this. My deadline, because it will help me to confess it and be accountable, is September 30. Well. Doesn't seem too difficult to design a pattern, swatch it and knit it up. Two weeks. It is just a pillow. Nothing spectacular, because the yarn is beautiful and textured, and so it can be just a simple pattern. But why is working with a deadline so daunting for me when knitting is concerned? I must explore this facet of my personality. But then again, some things are better left unexplored.


tina said...

Oh sweet girl! I hate deadlines, gak! They make me puredee cranky as all getout!

I only hope that you can rise to the occasion and do a Fine Job. I know you can!

Joyce said...

re: a deadline

What's a deadline? I thought it had something to do with slugs! Oh ye of the huge Northwest!The leggings are going to be very nice even tho the "fittings" are a labor. Patience Danielle.....a very interesting blog all around.

Quail Hill Knits said...

Deadline? Ick! I have to deal with enough deadlines at work, I would hate to have to add them to my knitting. Seriously, I hope that you meet the deadline right on time.