Thursday, September 6, 2007


I've not dropped off the planet at all. I have had trouble finding time to blog this past week, but here I am at last. And here is Pi! After all the groaning and whining I have done, the shawl is completed at last and I have pictures to prove it. So those with dial-up, my apologies, but this post is very picture heavy. Be patient with me and wait for them to load, it is worth it, just as knitting Pi was worth it!

I began knitting Pi on July 3rd. I believe. I finished knitting on Saturday, September 1. Taken from the Knitter's Almanac, by Elizabeth Zimmerman, the pattern was supposed to be July's project. So I can safely say that EZ was capable of knitting at least twice as fast as I!!! Are we surprised? Here are some blocking pics to start the ball rolling. Josh took these shots.

The day after Pi was completed, Lizzie and Josh helped me put together my huge foam interlocking blocks, purchased for this occasion from Toy's R Us. I had envied the blocks that The Knitting Doctor uses for this purpose, and decided to try a less expensive version for now. I washed Pi gently like a baby, and rinsed and rolled Pi in a few towels. Then we went to work. I didn't have enough pins to pin out each and every loop on every scallop of the border, but it didn't matter. We used three pins per scallop and though it looked a bit weird while blocking, it came out just beautifully, and looks as if each space were pinned. Goal accomplished. Pi was stretched out to a wonderful 72" across. I didn't measure before washing, but this did stretch it significantly.
Here is Pi yesterday, lying around in the backyard, taking it easy.
Closeup of the gull stitch and also the border, which I found here. It is #46, Kilgorie edge. A lot of knitting around, but totally worth it, as you can see.
After knitting this project for the past couple of months I can say that it has taught me a lot of myself as a knitter, and a human being. This will be one project that will be remembered fondly and with joy. Long after it is shipped to my Mom as a Late Birthday Present, I will be thinking of Pi and the good times we had together. Thanks to the Yahoo Group "Elizabeth's Year" and Knit Picks Kelley Petkin for the help and support. The September Nether Garments are next on the list.

And now for the most fun: I had a photo shoot with Lizzie and Pi. For Pi's public debut, we went to the Tacoma Museum of Glass. We walked over the Bridge of Glass, and had a thoroughly wonderful time photographing Pi and observing the wondrous glass exhibited there. If you are ever in Tacoma, it is a worthwhile stop to make.

The Bridge of Glass spans Highway 705, that comes into the City Center in Tacoma. It is a walkway leading from one side of the highway, where the Museum of Glass and the Marina is, to the other, where downtown is. Here is a view of the bridge. And here are some views from the bridge.

Here is a glimpse of the marina, viewed through one of the glass displays, a reflecting pool with panels of glass.

This is a large display of glass sculptured "flower vases". Beautiful colors. Here is Lizzie and Pi, next to a beautiful vase.

Here are some more glass photos. This is a small portion of the glass "overhead". As you cross the bridge, you walk through this covered portion, this glass is in the ceiling overhead, with the light shining through. Photos can't begin to do it justice.

The rest of the pics will be of Lizzie and Pi, save one. Enjoy.


tina said...

Well my dear, thanks for the tour of the museum it was fascinating and I enjoyed it. Thanks mostly for photos of your Pi which is, quite incredibly beautiful!!!!

GOOD JOB!!!! Stunning, fabulous, gorgeous!!!!

(Wild applause from this end of the screen!!!!)

Mandy said...

Pi looks magnificent.

Lorette said...

Spectacular! I just love your Pi shawl. And I love your photos of Tacoma as well! Chihuli does some amazing stuff with glass.
Aren't those mats just perfect for blocking??

Susan said...

Beautiful Pi photos! Cute Hampster

Taueret said...

omg it's BEAUTIFUL. I must cast on a lace one. Nice pics all round!

Luni said...

Wow, Gasp. It is wonderful, and your mom will be blown away.
I've seen pictures of the museum before, but never so many. Thank you for that, but especially thank you for the professionally done pictures of your Pi. The one of Lizzie walking under the glass mobiles, with the shawl floating out around her (3307) is my favorite.
Yaaaay. You should be so proud!

Briley said...

The Pi is Amazing!

Jenni said...

All I can say is WOW!! It's amazing!

momma sue said...

mom said... enough already!!!! when do I get my hands on Pi!!??? She has had a wonderful first public showing.So I figure now is the time for her to come and live with ME!!!Ive got a special event to attend that Pi will just love!!Gimme!Gimme!Gimme!

Shanny said...

Hi, i work with your mom. We got some new jewelry at the store and she was telling me about Pi and planning which piece to buy to wear along with it. She said I should check it out. It looks really awesome. I wish I knew how to knit. Lizzie is pretty and so is Pi!! I really liked the pictures of the museum too. You're a badass!!! :-D

N. Maria said...

I love your Pi!!!
It's beautiful!
I'm waiting for my yarn to make my leggings! Need them for when I ride my motorcycle.