Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Deadline" Pillow Finished

The pillow for Ben Franklin is finished. I am working now on putting the pattern on paper. I just made it up as I went along, since it is such an easy project. Now I'm trying to type it up and it sounds more complicated than it is. Hope it doesn't scare off newbies. I will give the pattern in another post when it is complete. Writing a pattern isn't as easy as I thought. If a pattern this easy can be difficult, then how do those amazing designers who create complicated knitted sweaters do it???

The Diagonal Garter Stitch Pillow is made of import yarn, inexpensive and fun to play with for a project like this one. There were all kinds of colors and textures to choose from. I just chose 4 colors that would compliment each other and they worked beautifully. This pillow would look very nice in stocking stitch, also.
Having a blog sure illuminates to one when one's life is boring. I think sometimes of posting and then wonder, "But what will I write? Nothing is happening that anyone would be remotely interested in!" Work, knit, sleep, knit, eat, knit...sneak in a chapter here or there of a good book. (Right now is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) No, my life isn't made of the extraordinary, but I have had enough drama, difficulty and crisis in my past to realize what a blessing the mundane can really be. So when it is ordinary day after ordinary day, I thank God humbly and say a prayer for those who are having dramas, difficulties or crisis right now. Hopefully, that does not describe you today, Reader and Friend. But if it does, please remember that you can endure just about anything for "a while". This too, as they say, shall pass. And even if it doesn't, as some of my own life has shown me, we can be all the stonger for having endured and fought the fight. To quote Elisabeth Elliot, one of the women I most admire, "Underneath are the everlasting arms..."

P.S. Since I brought up Elisabeth and suffering, I might as well recommend her most excellent book A Path Through Suffering. It was the book that helped and comforted me through my parents divorce, and other painful times of crisis and loss. As those times of hurt leave us feeling vulnerable and alone, I advise the thoughtful reading of it to any who are in need of encouragement and assurance during trials of any sort.


Luni said...

That's a pretty and practical pattern. Could be a stash-buster, maybe. I agree with you on the pattern writing. I tried to write a crochet pattern once and gave up when I realized I had to write in additional instructions for each size. Whew!
I also agree about preferring the 'dull' life.

Jenni said...

I like the pillow! I know what you mean about life being boring. I often am stumped as to what to blog about!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Congratulations on finishing the pillow AND meeting the deadline! And to answer the question about designing complicated patterns -- well, it takes hours to get it onto paper. I prefer to use charts whenever I am designing because it is far easier to deal with that all that writing.