Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finished the Maelstrom

Well, here are the Maelstrom, a wonderful pattern by Cookie A. I got it from the Twist Collective, first edition, and enjoyed the knitting. I am disappointed in the finished socks, for obvious reasons. Look at the colors pool. Also, (this is my own fault), I should have used a solid or a semi-solid color to knit this very beautiful pattern. It is totally obscured by the yarns color changes. This is Socks that Rock in "Quiet Riot" and let's just say that it is not so very "Quiet", shall we? *grin* Fortunately for me, these socks will still keep my feet warm and comfortable. Lesson learned.

My knitting right now is consisting of various small Christmas things, and of course I am still working slowly on the MS4. Don't know when I will be finishing that. I am only just a bit more than 1/2 way done. Another project that I'm not very happy with the yarn. Hmmmm.

No real yarn shopping lately. For one thing, Danny is in AZ and it is more fun to go to yarn shops when I can drag him with me. (Don't ask me why, this is very puzzling. He is the Mugglest of Muggles when it comes to knitting) But also, there is the money aspect. I am trying to be good and use up stash. I hate to use it up, though. What if all the sheep in the world suddenly go bald? I am depending upon my stash to see me through just that type of crisis!!! One has to be prepared.


Clare said...

Hi, I found your blog and want to ask if I can periodically ask for knitting/pattern help. I am a beginner who just loves to knit. I am starting with baby projects so if I make mistakes I dont have to take forever to unravel! I have to say that the shawl is the most loveliest thing I have ever seen.

Renée said...

Hi Clare, I will help you as much as I can. I don't consider myself a very good teacher, or even an experienced knitter. I only began knitting in 2005. Thanks for the praise of the shawl. I still can't believe that I knit it.

Clare said...

I think that you are most experienced if you can knit that shawl. Its beautiful. Im enjoying the vintage baby jacket that I am doing. Im not sure what something means on the pattern. Maybe I will email you the part that I am confused on?