Saturday, November 22, 2008

One more post with The Shawl

I had to add these pics to our little collection. Lizzie and Josh took some great shots of the shawl (and Lizzie) on their honeymoon.

Ok, it's out of my system now. Aren't you relieved? Lately it's been hard to get on the computer. We moved. We ALL moved! Lizzie, of course, moved out when she got married in June, Corinne moved in with a couple of roommates, Danny moved to Arizona to begin his new job (I will go down there later on after he is established for a while) and Danielle and I moved into an apartment here. What a lot of work it was and so emotional. Talk about empty nest! We ALL flew the coop!

But Danny emails and calls every day to tell us about what he is doing there, and the kids come see me regularly. I am working a lot...we're fine, just lonesome for each other!

Knitting: I am working on a pair of socks from the Twist Collective, the first issue, called Maelstrom. Love them so far, but I don't love the yarn. It's my second pair with Socks that Rock and I didn't like the other ones either. So, I guess I'm an odd duck, not liking the yarn that everyone on the planet is in love with!

Maybe I'm doing it wrong. I think I need to alternate rows and balls of yarn to keep from pooling. But I am too lazy lately. Oh, well. Not to worry. I will still wear them.

That's enough for now. See what I mean? No time!

Happy knitting!


AlisonH said...

WOW. WOW, that is stunning. Gorgeous!!!

tina said...

I don't think there can be too many posts with the lovely shawl. Completely gorgeous!

As for the socks, it is always difficult to have something on the needles using yarn we aren't wild about. And of course you are allowed your opinion but the socks are pretty cool!