Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have been hooked on Knit Picks podcasts for some time now, even before I got an actual IPod. I learned that I could download I Tunes and listen to the podcast online right on my own computer. So I began listening that way and then for Christmas this year, my dear husband got me an IPod. Hooray! Suddenly I had a wonderful way of listening to knitting podcasts and also audiobooks.

The long and the short of it, is that knitting podcasts are very cool. And the coolest, in my humble opinion, is Kelley Petkun's podcast. (KnitPicks) Love, love, love it. So, in tribute to Kelley, here is my "countdown".

Ten reasons why I want to be Kelley Petkun

10. Xena. Any dog whose name starts with "X" has to be cool!

9. Cool travel opportunities that involve knitting and have "built in" knitting time!

8. KnitPicks yarn at my disposal....drool....

7. Terrific knitting skills and the ability to teach them clearly to others.

6. Lots of knitting friends from all over the world

5. I would know how to spin.

4. The ability to wear orange and be happy about it!!

3. To be cute and small enough to knit myself sweaters that don't call for 25 skeins of yarn.

2. To be a "knitter who looooves books"! (Ok, I admit I have that one going for me)

and the #1 reason why I would like to be Kelley Petkin is: (drumroll........)

1. To have the ability to look at an ordinary gourmet kitchen spoon and think out loud, "Gee, this would make a great set of knitting needles!" And POOFF!!! It is!!

Yes, if you too love Kelley, be sure to check out her blog Yarn Rambles, listed in my sidebar. She is a lot of fun and inspiration and a terrific Knitting Sister!


tina said...

Hilarious! I agree, Kelly is the best. I know a lot of knitters out there are the Anti-K's but I think they're just full of beans!

I would like to be Norah Gaughan when I grow up! :)

Kelley Petkun said...

That is absolutely the nicest thing I have ever read!!! And, so funny!! Thank you!