Saturday, February 23, 2008

hellooo? this thing on?

Yes, it's me...back from wherever I've been. Don't know why I disappeared really. I have been right here, actually. Just figured I didn't have much to say about knitting that wasn't already being said. I am not an exceptional knitter, or an exceptional writer. However, I do enjoy both, so why not simply knit and write?

To get started, here are a pair of fingerless gloves I worked on for the past two days.
I have made this pattern before. In fact, I made about a dozen pairs last year for various peoples in my life. These ones are for me, though.

The pattern is one I purchased individually (not in a book) while visiting the Churchmouse Yarns and Teas on Bainbridge Island, WA. It is a design by A. Karen Alfke called Cableback Fingerless Gloves and is published by The cool thing about this pattern is how neat the cables are. Karen gives 3 different cables to choose from. This one is the Wheatear Cable. Another cool thing is the I-cord edging. Gives you a very finished and professional look. Also strengthens the edges for lots of wear and tear.

I made this pair on 4 size 5 double points, although I must say that I tried to interest myself in doing them on 2 circs. I just couldn't make myself like the process, however, so went back to my trusty dpns. Maybe another time. This yarn is Highlander from Alpaca with a Twist in Hawthorne Pink.

I have been really sick for the past week, even losing 2 days of work and worse than that, missing Friday Night Knit Club!!! But these gloves were the perfect sickbed diversion. My regular knitting (a lace project) involved too much brain work for my feverish brain to handle. But now I am more clear headed and will be going back to it. I will have to fill you in on that project next time. For now, this is all.

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tina said...

So glad you are back!!! :)

Very cool fingerless's, love the color and the edge is great.

Hope you are feeling better!