Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The First Post

Well, this being the first post, I must say that I am joining the hoards of knitters out there who can't simply knit and enjoy knitting, but who also must talk about knitting, think constantly about knitting, dream about knitting and see knitting as a way of life. I have been consumed by this fascinating "hobby" for about 2 years now and am more in love with it every day. I wake up thinking about my projects, take my first stitches of the day with my coffee and I go through my day fitting it in wherever (ask my kids..."MOM! You can't knit at the stoplight!") and whenever I can. It is the last thing I do before going to bed each night, lovingly placing my knitting in it's basket beside my chair so it will be there when I get up the next day and do it all again!

So, how did I live my life before this "passion for knitting" began? Yes, there were other hobbies and I loved them very much. I quilted and cross-stitched. I sewed and crocheted. I needlepointed and rug-hooked.

That is over now.